Town of Deepwallow

Deep in the Black Forest, near the Shadow Craggs along the Clearsurge River the town of Deepwallow was once a thriving settlement. Extensive boardwalks and docks were built into the deep eddies formed as the river bent westward away from the mountain ranges to service the many river barges that visited the town.

A boom had occurred in the town when a dwarven mine called Dig Kuldir began harvesting precious gems, and metals from the nearby Durith'dor Mountains and people of all races came to Deepwallow for a chance at the riches. But now the mine stands shuttered after a series of mysterious disappearances occurred deep within its bowels. Some say the mine is haunted by an army of unfortunate miners, others say a fearsome venom spitting monster dwells within its tunnels but no one is entirely certain.

Deepwallow now stands as a shadow of its former glory, large sections of the boardwalk rotting and floating loosely in the rivers water. Of more recent days the town has been operating as a place of respite for adventurers and refugees. Those adventurers exploring the Black Forest or the Blackspine and Duith’dor mountain ranges and refugees fleeing the constant battles of the elven regions to the west or the dwarven skirmishes in the mountains to the east. 

The Stag’s End, is a tavern and common gathering place for sell-swords trying to capitalize on the growing conflicts flanking the town. The tavern is owned by a half-dwarven woman named Grettle Stonefist, as tall as any man and strong as any dwarf she is a force of nature that no sell-sword dare cross but is pleasant enough as long as the tab is paid. She named the establishment after her late husband who had been killed on a hunt after being kicked in the head by a great stag. This stag, immense in size, white in coat with large golden antlers has been a trophy of legend throughout the area and is now believed to be magical in origin as no hunter has been able to slay the beast.

Recently a foul wind has permeated the town on nights of a new moon emanating from the Shadow Craggs. Strange sightings of several townsfolk have claimed they have seen figures lurking in the shadows in the edge of their vision but whenever they have turned to look the figures vanish. And most disturbing, children within the town have woken in terror claiming cold eyes staring at them through their bedroom windows as they slept.

West of Deepwallow, across the Clearsurge, in the heart of the Black Forest stands the ruin of a tower. Rumoured to have been built by a powerful wizard an age ago it is said to have hidden within its walls a great fortune and ancient items. Well known throughout the area no one has yet been able to enter the tower and claim the treasures inside due to the impenetrable magical ward surrounding the tower which halts any stalwart adventurer in their tracks. The key to cracking the ward so far has been lost to the ages.

Rumors of Deepwallow


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